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Firmstrong Urban Woman 7 Speed 350-Watt Electric

Firmstrong Urban Woman 7 Speed 350-Watt Electric


Includes 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

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The Urban Lady 7 Speed 350- Watt Electric Beach Cruiser is a great bike for those riders that want a little something extra pep from their cruiser bicycle. The 350-Watt Rear Hub Motor coupled with the seven speed drivetrain and handbrakes make the Urban Lady more versatile than any standard beach cruiser. The pedal assist will blaze you up hills with minimal effort and long distance rides will be easily attained with the added boost.

The Urban Lady 7 Speed features a 350-Watt Rear-Hub Motor with a 36V, 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, control panel for power, and a LCD screen for battery life, distance traveled, and speedometer. The pedal-assist system on the crank and bottom bracket will kick in the boost you desire at the rate of your pedaling.

The Shimano 7 Speed Gear System which is the best option for seven speeds on a cruiser. It has a derailleur which means the chain changes sprockets to shift gears, when the chain moves to a different sprocket the bike changes gears. Gear one is the easiest to pedal and gear seven is the hardest to pedal, meaning gear one should be used for going uphill and riding at a slow pace and gear seven should be used for downhill and high speed riding. The gears make the Urban Lady 7 Speed ideal for many different types of riding, it provides the great, classic, trendy design of a beach cruiser with the functionality of any hybrid, road or mountain bike. Also, it keeps riders in the comfortable upright riding position cruisers are known to provide. The seven speeds are a great feature to have if riders want to commute, get some exercise, or ride over 15 miles in any one trip. The speeds will give riders a variance in resistance they can switch back and forth from during rides to allow themselves to take resistance on or off their legs. This gear system also features a rear freewheel, so riders can pedal backwards freely while riding.

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